Clients we have represented
* Cafeteria Operators, Inc.
* Caz Creek
* Cendera Funding
* Clear Channel Communications
* Cricket Communications
* Farmland Industries
* Formica Corporation
* Frost National Bank
* Holt Machinery Group
* JPMorgan Chase
* Kmart Corp.
* Land Resources Corporation
* Methodist Healthcare Corporation
* Oakleaf Management
* Propel Financial Services
* Safety Kleen
* SimplicitE Tax
* Sombrero Capital
* Sombrero Property Tax Fund
* Spiegel Group
* Tax Ease Funding
* Texas Property Tax Lienholders Association
* U.S. Advisors
* Venture Stores, Inc.
* Xerox

Comments from our clients

"They have been a great strategic partner for Cendera Funding. They are available when I need them and are responsive to our needs in this changing and challenging mortgage environment. I would recommend them to any of my associates in the Mortgage Banking profession."
Brian Collins, President of Cendera Funding

"I have known Mary Doggett and her firm for five years, first as general counsel to the Texas Property Tax Lienholders Association, then as Special Counsel to Tax Ease, and now as our lead "Doc Prep" firm. We even tried to hire Mary on a full time basis, but we couldn't convince her to move to Dallas from San Antonio where she is ensconced personally as well as professionally. The consolidation prize for us is that her firm now represents us in a variety of matters, and does our routine tax lien transfer document preparation work for our Texas business. To say that Mary is very capable is an understatement. She is thorough, very bright and very analytical. She has great judgment and wisdom to match her technical skills. Not only is she very capable, she is very responsive. We work with many law firms around the country, and HD&D is among the best!"
Phil Migicovsky, President and CEO, Tax Ease, LP and President, Texas Property Tax Lienholders Association

"I must say you are the best! All the title companies and attorney companies we work with have nothing on you. I mean that! They often don't know what they are doing, and they are not so courteous or pleasant to work with. Thanks so much for all you do, I really appreciate it!"
Patty C., Closer at JPMorgan Chase

"HD&D has done a tremendous job helping my firm understand and navigate through the foreclosure process. They have streamlined and automated their processes so that they can provide exceptional legal advice and services at reasonable rates. Their entire staff is knowledgeable, professional, and easy to deal with. My team really enjoys dealing with and learning from Mary Doggett and her team."
Jack Nelson, CEO of Propel Financial Services

"You are really good at getting the job done. We always appreciate your quick response!"
Reagan McCoy, General Counsel at Land Resources Corporation

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