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We work for people.
Sounds obvious, but anyone who has experienced the Megamart indifference to your needs knows the importance of finding someone who wants to help you. With our legal knowledge, we actively support our clients' underwriting, closing, and funding functions by helping their people do those jobs.
Our staff We hire people who are a pleasure to work with, both for our sake and for our clients. Competence and experience are expected, and a personal desire to help people is essential. Our people had substantial mortgage industry experience before becoming legal assistants, so they have an understanding of the complex mortgage business.
Got a legal question now - Get a lawyer's answer now
Legal questions pop up at all stages of the mortgage making process. Delay or avoiding getting help can cause real problems. Our lawyers answer their phones and offer help readily. If we can't give an immediate answer, we research and get back promptly.
Technology Advantage
Finding and using good technology is essential today. We program our in-house document automation systems for specialty lenders. For mainstream mortgage industry documents we use the most technologically advanced platform for online document production that is fast, flexible and very responsive to our clients' specific needs.
Good Clients
Our clients are loyal and are thriving in this economy. We respect what they do; they expect excellence. We enjoy helping them succeed.

"HD has been a great strategic partner for Cendera Funding. They are available when I need them and are responsive to our needs in this changing and challenging mortgage environment. I would recommend them to any of my associates in the Mortgage Banking profession."
Brian Collins, President of Cendera Funding

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